Training centre "Vierumaki"


On the territory of Vierumäki is located the hotel Scandic Vierumäki and many other different housing facilities for accommodation of athletes including villas, appartments, time share houses and cabins. Scandic Vierumäki opened in 2010. The hotel has 190 rooms, bowling hall, lecture rooms, bar and restaurant. Scandic Vierumäki has free wireless internet and air conditioning in the rooms.

Vierumäki Resort & Spa offers various spa treatment packages for their visitors.

Sport facilities

Vierumaki offers a versatile selection of sport facilities. Some of the main sport facilities include:

  •   Ice arena with two ice rinks. One of the rinks has a curling sheet
  •   Sport hall includes gym, 200 meters indoor running track and fields for different ball games
  •   Soccer fields with natural (100x70m) and artificial turfs (105x68m)
  •   Athletic field with a 400 meter running track
  •   Outdoor and indoor tennis courts
  •   Vierumaki arena with several courts for ball games and winter golf training center
  •   Vierumäki center with several tennis and squash courts
  •   Swimming hall
  •   Bowling hall
  •   Sand courts for beach volleyball

Vierumäki has also two full-size golf courses, par-3 coach courses and two driving ranges. Vierumäki also offers fitness tests involving laboratory testing for athletes.


  • Lahti 21,4 km (13 miles)
  • Helsinki 126km (78 miles)
  • Vaalimaa (Finnish-Russian border) 149km (92 miles)
  • Helsinki - Vantaa airport 120km ( 74,5 miles)