Various very high quality products of the "UNLMTD" brand. 

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UNLMTD Flexfit Cool & Dry cap is very light and provides superbly comfortable fit. Cool & Dry technology wicks moisture away perfectly, keeps you cool and comfortable.   

Three color variations: Navy (with orange 3D-embroidery), Black (with black 3D-embroidery) and White (with black 3D-embroidery)

Available in two sizes:

S/M (head circumference 55 cm - 58 cm or 21 1/4 in - 22 3/4 in)

L/XL (head circumference 58 cm - 61 cm or 22 3/8 in - 23 7/8 in)

"Crown" of the cap is 8,9cm or 3 1/2 high.

Individual cap is packed in a small clear plastic bag.

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High quality tall UNLMTD Performance Skate Socks in senior and junior sizes, which have good wear resistance. Skate socks are moisture wicking and have the thickness and tallness that is preferred by the professional players. 

The skate socks are made from different fabrics in different points. The heel and toe area have a high density cushioned fabric for improved abrasion resistance.  Some points of the sock on top of the foot have special mesh fabric for improved ventilation. The sole of the sock has a cushioned area for added comfort. The middle part of the sock has compression fabric for eliminating sock bunching.  

60% Nylon

25% Cotton

15% Elastane

Every sock pair comes in stylish carton pack, which has a plastic hook for hanging the product for display on the wall. Each of the two sizes has own GTIN barcode for easier product handling.  



UNLMTD nauhat laces_Small.jpg




Moulded tip_horizontal.jpg


"UNLMTD" elite quality waxed hockey skate laces.

Laces have less wax in them compared to the traditional waxed laces, which makes them more comfortable to use, because fingers do not get as much wax on them when tightening the skates.

Moulded tips do not break or fray, which means that they will last longer and are more comfortable to use.

Three black tracer stripes instead of traditionally used two, makes them stronger and more durable compared to traditional hockey laces.

Available in multiple colors: white, yellow, black, orange, blue, green, red and pink.

The length of the laces is shown in centimeters as well as in inches on the wrap. Each lace wrap has it's own unique barcode, which identifies the length and color of the lace pair.

Available in five different lengths:

  • 72"/183cm    (for skates JR 1.0 - JR 3.5)
  • 84"/213cm    (for skates JR 3.5 - JR 5.5)
  • 96"/244cm    (for skates SR 5.5 - SR 7.0)
  • 108"/274cm  (for skates SR 7.0 - SR 9.0)
  • 120"/305cm  (for skates SR 9.0 - SR 11.0)
  • 130"/330cm  (for skates SR 11.0 - SR 13.0)

For big bulk orders it is possible to order other colors and lengths and without wax.  




Unique and very high quality UNLMTD 800ml bottle with "hybrid cap". The bottle cap can be used as standard low "push and pull" cap or with a 10cm long spout attachment. This way the user can modify the bottle cap to better suit their needs. The long spout is preferred in sport activities where the low spout is uncomfortable to use. For example, for junior ice hockey players it is easier to use the long spout through their ice hockey helmet cage than using the short spout.

Each bottle comes with two separate long rubber spouts. The long spout and the short spout are both made from rubber, so they do not feel cold on the lips when drinking from the bottle.

UNLMTD bottle has very ergonomic and modern design which is not only nice looking, but also fits perfectly in the hands of a person of any age. On the side of the bottle there is a "view strip" through which you can see the water level in the bottle. 

The diameter of the bottom of the bottle is about 6,5cm and volume is 800ml. Bottle is made from LDPE-plastic and is suitable because of the softness and design even in the hands of younger users.